Foreign net earn: register to withdraw 5 US dollars, this earn US dollars project novice can also play


Since the early years, many domestic Internet practitioners have turned their eyes to overseas markets, which can indeed bring some good profits.

When you really study into it, you will find that in fact many projects have similar places, such as foreign platforms have new and Amoy customers, basically what everyone is doing

It’s all the same, just a different platform.

Today I talk about this project is based on a foreign platform, and relatively simple, novice simple learning can directly operate, let me tell you about the operation steps.

This is a website platform, we sign in about 20 minutes

The clock will earn five dollars


And it can be withdrawn directly to Paypal, which can be used directly all over the world.

Let’s first open the website and have a look. This website is life point, which is a very popular questionnaire survey website in foreign countries. We can earn money easily on this website

So let’s take 5



The first step is to register an account on the website, which has paid more than 20 million registered users


Commission, so it is relatively reliable, then we click here to join immediately to register an account.

The first step is to fill in your name, email address and


The second step, fill in some of their personal information, such as gender, date of birth, this information can be looked at to fill in, do not require real, just a registration step, there is a place to pay special attention to is to fill in the region, the region must be real.

Although this is a foreign site flat

Taiwan, but we do not need to build anything can be opened in China, open in China is Chinese, open in foreign will show English, as for why special attention to the region, we must emphasize the authenticity, probably because of the questionnaire survey, the region is conducive to the distribution of questionnaires.

One of our domestic

Some questionnaire websites are very general, and the task is not very good experience, but this is very good, in a famous foreign evaluation website Trustpilot is 4.5 stars, 5 stars full level.

After registration and submission, we need to activate our own email, here are some

The questions need to be answered by you. For example, the platform will ask you what parks or elementary schools are in your area.

If you really don’t know, just open your Tencent or Amap, search for schools or parks, there will be a lot of options.

When we land, we go straight in

The task page is displayed.

Tasks can help us earn points, and points can be redeemed directly


You’ll see there’s a little time limit, like 12mins, that’s what 12 minutes means, but when we actually start this task it doesn’t take that long, it’s about five or six minutes

The clock will do it.

As for the content of the questionnaire and the multiple choice questions, you can just look at the choice, it is OK, there is no need to fill in very seriously, itself is a questionnaire, there will be a different voice.

After finishing the questionnaire survey, we can withdraw money, click on the website to withdraw cash can be withdrawn


When it comes to cash withdrawal, Paypal is generally used for overseas US dollar projects, which is also a common way. These days, many people come to ask me some questions about cash withdrawal, so you can register a paypal by yourself.

In addition, some friends ask me to open a web page

The network situation of each place in China is not necessarily, some overseas websites do not need a ladder to open in China, maybe I can not open here, you can open.

Here, if you plan to cultivate overseas US dollars, bitcoin and other projects for a long time, you still need to build a ladder and use it

It will also be more convenient. You can build it by yourself. I will not reply to such questions on social platforms.

Foreign net earn: register to withdraw 5 US dollars, this earn US dollars project novice can also play


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