Rely on Alipay credit points to earn 30,000 dollars a month, this project is interesting!


I saw an interesting replay last night at Shengcai:

“Rely on Alipay to raise points skills, monthly income over ten thousand”

The operation of the scheme is very inspiring, share with you.


Life is full of business opportunities

Any profitable Angle, someone is making money quietly.

Now go out to do business, you can do without a wallet, but must not do without a mobile phone.


Payment is already a three-level differentiation:


This is the convenience of the mobile Internet era.

From the perspective of the Internet, technology changes lives.

The giants, with their huge user base, have adopted a lot of retention policies.

One of the biggest foundations of all business

The “trust issue.”

Here’s an example:

Borrow charge bank, high credit score, can be free of deposit.

It’s a product of the digital age, and he’s not worried about you running away with something.

Because the payment platform is real-name, your spending record and habits prove who you are.

And the introduction of credit points, is also far from

Stop that.

According to ant credit, there are also:

Loan management, more than 600 points

Credit card application channel, more than 650 points

Fast processing of outbound visa, more than 750

Free deposit hotel rental house car electronic equipment, more than 600 points


The higher the score, the greater the equity.

Credit scores have become

The proof of personal credit.

And how to increase credit scores quickly is not clear to most people, and this is an opportunity.


Birds of a feather flock together

When people know something is profitable, they will take the initiative to pay attention to it.

A Wei in the headlines to see Alipay borrow the advertisement, curious point into the test limit


Suddenly thought of, the amount of more and less and what things are related to, there are no skills that can be controlled.

After some searching and research, and a lot of work, put together a dry article.

Then the valuable also sent the headlines, unexpectedly good feedback.

A lot of people leave messages to him, want to get a lot of methods.

RSVP hundreds in free

Later, Avy found himself with a hard job to do.

Because I have limited energy, so

Avi has chosen to serve only a select group of people.

Built an 8.8


The communication group, instead of a one-to-one mode, into a one-to-many.

Whoever asked, I threw the payment instructions to him first. In two days, I turned over 200 people.

Because you’re always in a group

Enjoy the method of Alipay rising points, as well as the opening of the conditions to borrow bubble net to earn, the group of friends according to the steps, got positive feedback, accumulated a number of loyal fans, friends recommend friends, a Wei group is becoming bigger and bigger.

Later on, he found many other aspects of the game that his friends were happy to pay for.

His earnings,

Also from 8.8


The unit price gradually reaches 30,000 + per month.


A change of thinking, golden millions

The circle thing, it’s not new.

But the information in the circle, it must be due to circulation.

There are many similar cases:

Industry Exchange Group
Virtual Resource group

Account groups push each other
Entrepreneurial docking Group


Groups with higher product values tend to have more information.

Virtual resources count as cheap consumption, but financial loans count as big transactions.

In the early era when P2P and credit cards were not regulated,

Someone runs an “empty hand” group for 30


What does the group say?

“How to use the credit card interest-free period to do leverage speculation P2P.”

“What platforms on the market can be used to get loans quickly”

“On the secret of credit card swiping card to keep card cover card”

Because P2P, online lending such projects are very high interest, as long as the credit card repayment time completed

And the more leverage you have, the more money you make.

$200,000 in principal, and that goes up to $1 million in a year.

Once people are greedy eyes, it is easy to go astray.

With the arrival of the prosperous times of the financial industry, more and more poured in.

Finally, the P2P platform continues to thunder, a variety of runs

The storm also took out 99% of the platform.

The nuggets did not have time to go ashore, wife and family, many examples of the destruction of the family.

However, the owners of the project changed the class with the dividends of paying for knowledge.


How to break out of your limitations

In fact, life is full of projects, why only a few people make money?

The world is not pure land, each has its own suffering.

Some people understand thinking, not practical operation.

Some people go to practice, only reckless.

Some people are not insolent, difficult to adhere to.


I don’t want to talk too much about shortcuts to success,

The shopkeeper is from the traditional industry transformation, a lot of things are never understood to understand.

How to break out of your limitations, summed up

123, for your information.

1. Switch circles.

Man is a product of the environment and is easily influenced by it.

If you surround yourself with people who put limits on yourself, you’re going to get sucked in.

2. Be reflective.

Some people learn a teacher’s things, can not fall to the ground, scold leek, cheated.

In fact,

The Real Teaching

Learning, from the moment you know that teacher, has begun.

If your startup failed, have you ever thought:

Who talks about customer experience?

How did this guy get it done?

What does he have that you don’t?


Do something, must be positive attitude to do it.

Find the methods and rules of success, as well as the necessary rules


Instead of putting limits on yourself every day.

This I don’t know, that I don’t understand, I’m not capable now, this life will not earn money.

The more you think about it, the more you deny yourself, the worse you’ll do.

3. Be adventurous.

One of the laws of Internet marketing:

There is no real failure,

Only the tests failed.



How often do you get millions of hits?

Because professional teams operate by testing first, then shuttling.

At the same time put hundreds of different styles of material, which response again heavy warehouse promotion.

Gameplay without data support and valid validation is luck.

I met a very

Many people dare not act for fear of failure.

Want to do a public number, a month did not write an article, ask what question.

‘Fear of failure, fear of making a fool of yourself, fear that nobody will read it,’ he said.

I don’t know what to say.


In this case, the problem is not one person, but a group of people.

In the face of setbacks, we always have a subconscious

Talk yourself out of it.

If you want to make a change, you have to change your mind.

Success, failure are gains.

Success, the method works, the matrix is scaled up, and the payoff is greater.

Failure, rule out methods, continue testing, success rate is a little higher.

And that’s it for today.

Rely on Alipay credit points to earn 30,000 dollars a month, this project is interesting!

Rely on Alipay credit points to earn 30,000 dollars a month, this project is interesting!


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