Zero threshold games to promote money making projects, 3 steps to teach you fission play


Zero threshold games to promote money making projects, 3 steps to teach you fission play

There are many money-making projects, but it is difficult to encounter zero threshold projects. When we usually watch short videos, we often see a lot of bloggers recommend you to download the game in the video, what download send 100 red envelopes, withdraw cash seconds to the account, and so on. These are actually

It makes money by promoting the game.

So how profitable is game promotion in the end, and are we ordinary people suitable to do game promotion projects?

In fact, game promotion is a kind of project that makes a lot of money. Its income is roughly composed of two parts. The first is to make money from CPA, which is the number of downloads and registrations of games.

This simply depends on the registration of the commission, relatively simple, there is another is to rely on the user to pay the commission, according to the proportion of the payment to a certain commission, that is, the traditional CPS.

No matter what kind of promotion commission, as long as it can obtain the trust of users to download, it is very profitable, and do the game promotion is not any difficult

Degree, for the present, must be the short video platform is more suitable for promotion.

1. Game short video account

First of all, this way of promotion is relatively direct. It is to create a short video account of the game and use this account to promote these games with high commission.

Game number of this type, we usually brush short video

Time also see a lot, is to share some experience of playing games or classic pictures, because this number does not have any threshold, and through advertising or promotion will have a lot of people to operate.

I have seen the most studios a person to operate more than 20 numbers of matrix, here the game video is carried

Yes, each video can be uploaded directly with a simple modification.

If you want to do a vertical game, like king and eat chicken that, it will be another, we only talk about some operation methods of the game promotion number here, in all kinds of platforms, the game is a relatively popular classification.

We play games

Promotion of the face of accurate users is like those web games or legendary mobile game players, after all, this kind of games will be relatively high commission, so our account will be closer to this direction.

Another type of account will post some strange game videos every day, for this kind of game we generally have less contact with

“, as long as the user who likes the game is still obvious, so as to ensure the accuracy of the fans.

Once the game account is in place, put the game you want to promote at the top of the top three, and put a link to the game you want to promote under each new push video.

2, the broadcast room rub heat

So is this one

A lot of no flow of the trumpet used way, like now the famous fast hand with goods a lion, the earliest is also rely on the big network red broadcast room Haobrush, just accumulated so many fans.

But in the broadcast room heat is a certain amount of money, if you do not want to invest a lot of money, you can do some people set up

Packaging like your avatar, account name, etc., should be related to the game.

Another way to do this, in addition to flooding the broadcast room with scripts, is to comment on the hits, and now a lot of people are just as interested in the comments as the videos themselves because of the talent in the comments section.

If want in short

Video field to pay for promotion, this channel is more, such as shake , generally not recommended to do so, if your docking is not perfect, it will only be more people but not transformed, so it is generally recommended to zero masturbation first.

3. Game platform

Online game platform is very many, Google can also find a lot of this

Like promotion platform, select some high commission platform can be.

The game promotion platform should be carefully understood from several directions, such as profit points and investment amount, etc., the stability of the game is temporarily uncertain, you can go to other channels to search the reputation and stability.

Like the bubble net earning I talked about above

Some short video promotion methods, we can operate in private promotion, some formal game promotion platforms, will give you some of their cooperation promotion channels, we directly to implement it, short video platform, will increase our income.

The other is about the settlement of the platform, such as some flat

The platform will deduct the amount, some will have delayed checkout and so on, it is best that the platform gives us a daily checkout, we will directly withdraw cash.

As long as you stick to this set of gameplay, there will be more and more channels for promotion, so that we can achieve profits on multiple platforms. At present, our national game attribute crowd is still relatively wide.

Zero threshold games to promote money making projects, 3 steps to teach you fission play


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