Uncovering the $9,800 Penguin get-rich program


9800 a project, the courage of those who charge tuition can!

The effect of the picture is quite attractive, a clear flow of the world of we media

(The picture shows the publicity picture of a bigwig)

This is the whole web, right? Is it all about thinking?

The penguin number here is not the so-called qq number

Penguin is a we-media platform where creators post videos

Frequency to gain revenue.

It is a product of Tencent.

To get to the point, how to do this Penguin project, actually this project has been trained by the big guys since 19 years ago, I was on the bus, 1980, in addition to linking to a lot of contacts, you know, the course.

Actual combat we look around, there is still a little metaphysical

Where the

First of all, you need to go to Google search: Penguin (Tencent content open platform), the registration subject for individuals, the rest in accordance with the requirements to fill in

The key is to leave the account idle for 25 days after registration, and then send five consecutive days of original videos for 26 days to apply for the original video label.

Explain: Why idle 25

On Sunday, Penguin stipulated that new accounts can only apply for the original video label 30 years after the application, and the original content is 5.

If the account is successfully applied, the video price will be increased 10 times before this ~

At present, the unit price of the original goose is at least several


About 20 for the high one



What is an original label? And what it does

In a nutshell

Is to qualify as “original.

The unit price of the account with the original label will be 10 times higher than that of the account without the original label.

Original number release T video 500,000 play will get 500 dollars

Non-original release of a video 500,000 play volume only 50 pieces

So you have to get the original tag

If your account number

Just registered, not 30 days old

Even if you send videos all day, what’s the point

Spend a lot of time and energy every day without money

Wait until nearly a month after the registration, then send 5 videos, and then directly apply for the original work on the line

So you’re just going to save yourself a whole month of pointless work and that’s a little bit of a trick to be aware of


If you want to get a number quickly, you can buy a number, but the Penguin can only register one ID card, so the price of buying a number is several hundred dollars, which is the so-called internal channel.

How to be original?

The first 5 videos are very important. They have to be original

For example, your account wants to focus on animation editing

Want to

To improve the original pass rate

Multiple clips need to be mixed, and the length of the video should be more than 1 minute (the platform will judge that it is inconsistent if it is less than 1 minute).

Preparation Work

1. Use “Cut”, or PR.

2. Looking for the material of this animation, is it in Tencent video? Or on iQiyi? Using your phone’s video recorder tool, take the video

Let’s record it. Or adult fish, Google search to see, there is no high-definition animation video material

Video clip Process

1: Import the footage into the “cut” (if you know PR, use PR)

2: the beginning of the video, the guide language at the beginning of the video, to directly simplify the beginning of the article that paragraph of the guide language, or all

You can also copy, and then use the automatic audio generation function of the clip to generate audio and subtitles.

3 According to the content of the article in the order of editing, if the first person mentioned “Tuo she ancient emperor”, then you will look for the animation Tuo she ancient emperor clips, the second person mentioned “Yan Emperor Xiao Yan”, then clip one

Yan Emperor Xiao Yan appeared in the segment, is such a thinking. If the characters mentioned in the article are not in the anime, just cut a short clip of events close to the characters, or simply use other unrelated highlights in the anime.

Key points:

If low quality video, may apply for original impassability

The length of one clip should be no more than 10 seconds. The total length of the video should be more than 1 minute. That is to say, you need to edit about 10 shot clips.

Where do I get the material?

Tencent Video, Youku, iQiyi, etc. Remember not to make logos

Or search for anime videos directly on Xianyu

Raw material, animation meat

Then download it and use PR clip on your computer

How do I do the video?

It’s easy. Go


Find your peers quickly

How they cut it? Just copy them.

So this item 9800? It’s really nice of you to kneel

Uncovering the $9,800 Penguin get-rich program


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