Valuable: Teach you to use ants ah hey this hot spot, to seize the momentum of traffic to make money [with video production tutorial]


Dry goods: Teach you to use ants ah hey this hot spot, to seize the momentum of traffic to make money [with video production tutorial]

I’ve shared a lot of stories about how hot things come, how to catch them, and grab a wave of traffic. Like the solitary frog I shared earlier.

Today, I would like to share with you a hot topic: ants


The topic exploded in late February. Let’s see if we can use this hot spot to capitalize on traffic.

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

The ant is alive because it makes a still photograph move and look like a real person is moving

Often lifelike, but also with a bit of funny than funny, very magic infectious. The other reason is to use ants, hey, it’s very simple, and


The barrier to entry is so low that anyone can make it.
So when suddenly this ant ah hey special effects fire

When you get up, you’re born with tricks like finding ants hey video making.

2. Solution:

Provide tutorial teaching and video production and other businesses, if the hand happens to have a project, but also can use this hot spot, a wave of hot.

3. Revenue Composition:

If this project is going to make money, and lonely Frog No

The same thing is that it’s friendly to people who have products. So how much money you can make, how you can make money, depends on the product and the path of operation.

Ii. Specific implementation

1. IPhone Video Production:

Software Preparation:

Avatarify (create software), Tencent Accelerator (solve wall problems),

Clip (used to synthesize video)
Solve the wall problem: Because of the existence of the wall, so need to use Tencent accelerator, click the fist account Chinese registration channel, you can accelerate the solution.

Make a video:

Open Avatarify and select any image in the demo, or

Click show all photos from the album and select an image that you want to add special effects to. Then find the special effect mai-ha-hi to generate the special effect video. If there are many heads in the picture, you need to be careful. You can only generate one head at a time

You have to generate it more times. (The exported video, if non-members, will be watermarked, so this time you can choose the 7-day free trial member, if you do not want to pay, remember to cancel the subscription within 7 days after the trial)

Composite video:

Import the generated video into the cut image, select the picture in picture and then import the other

To create a video, set the size to the same, then click on the mask, and then linear, split the avatar. Add a video (avatar) and process it once, and finally merge and export it.

2. Video production for Android phones:

Android phones are downloaded from licolico, which is a specialty for making Zoonos

Frequency APP, find the ant ah hey template, you can make. All you need to do is replace the photo, and you can realize the special effects function of ants. It’s a lot easier than Apple’s, and it’s a bad information thing. (It is recommended to go to the official website to download, ordinary application market, there may be some routines)


Drainage and realization:

Closure of public account:

The key word “ant” can be intercepted through wechat search. The gameplay is similar to the Lonely frog project I shared before. And bubble net earn I have shared a lot about the public number interception gameplay, SEO gameplay, the gameplay has been very detailed, basic play

The method is similar, here we will not elaborate, want to understand the specific operation and realization of the small partner, oneself to the bubble net earn website to find the past article can be read.

Free fish drainage:

Sell tutorials and make videos in Xianyu. Xianyu is born with the gene of selling goods, so it is relatively simple to do virtual products on it

It’s a single one. Someone can find it quickly. I have shared many projects related to Second hand goods trading platform before, such as Second hand goods trading platform blue sea, Second hand goods trading platform sales, Second hand goods trading platform drainage and so on. There are already many routines. Just take a look at my previous post.

Keyword traffic:

I have shared the project of ASO in the App Store and various

Big application market, in fact, there is still a game of rubbing hot words. Like ants, hey, this special effect, for the products that can have this special effect, is a drainage tool. For example, every video clip APP, and every APP mentioned above, when this hot spot comes out, as long as you have this special effect, it will be very

Many people are looking for apps with this special effect, which makes your APP download easier. What downloads bring is new users, and the potential payments that come with them. This is gonna be a lot easier to cash out than a trade course, and the ceiling’s gonna be a lot higher.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

This project can be realized

The ability is OK, but because of its low threshold, the realization value for ordinary people is not very big, but for people who own the right products, the value will be greater. For example, having a editing APP, having a movie APP, having a training program, etc., will be more friendly.

2. Cost

This term right here

The cost of purpose is very low, and as before, it’s basically how well you execute.

3. Risk and Control:

The risk of this project is the past hotspot, so we pay more attention to the execution. The stronger the execution, the lower the risk.

4. Revenue

This project can be large or small, and the easiest part of making money is living off the current

The project to rub the ant ah hey this hot spot, thus to get cheap traffic, through their existing projects to cash in. For example, the existing editing software can be monetized by using special effects, watching advertisements, or buying members.

5. Project extension


This project, the main thing is

Is the drainage effect, because there is a natural flow, for example, you only need to do a public account, or a micro signal, in Xianyu, Quora,

Social networking Sites

And other places, post that free tutorials can be received. The user diversion to your public account and micro signal, you can use the various projects I shared before, for cash

. For example, takeout members, Amazon customers, wechat business and other items.

Iv. Conclusion:

The project itself is relatively simple, suitable for people with projects to operate. We don’t have to rub up on this hot traffic, but we have to know how to cut into the next time we encounter this traffic, how can we maximize our own interests and let ourselves

We can profit from it! People can not earn money outside their own cognition, think of ways to raise their cognitive ceiling!

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea is the same!

Valuable: Teach you to use ants ah hey this hot spot, to seize the momentum of traffic to make money [with video production tutorial]


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