TikTok does not publish works, does not direct the flow of wechat, relying on name service to make 400 or 500 a day!


I haven’t seen it myself. I don’t believe it!

In the name business, in


Do not send works, do not divert the flow of wechat, also can enter more than ten thousand a month!


Some time ago, a netizen gave birth to a son and asked me if I had a name software to give the baby a good name.

I laugh and cry, said: brother you don’t want to save this money for free, name

Word is accompanied by a lifetime, when the child asks you how the name came, you say software free. Is that funny?

It is suggested to go to Amazon to find a master, a special calculation, take a good name.

Fees are not expensive, dozens of hundreds of have.

What’s more, I really don’t want to spend this money, but there is another way!


Search on “Baby Name”

, there are a lot of quality works, free to provide a lot of nice boys and girls names.

Synthesize, take advantage of each, oneself can also think of a moral out.

About the “name” business, in fact, the audience is very wide.

Requirements in this line have almost no boundaries.

From the professional name service, to the name of the word but free

Need to see the advertisement of the small program, as long as it will engage in traffic, can make pot full pot full.

Two days ago, a friend shared a money-making case about “name” in the group, which impressed me again.

Because the profit point of the project is not by the naming service, nor by the advertising revenue, but by the live stream tip, can also make a monthly income


How does it work?


Here’s what he originally shared:

Hello, I’m going to share one with you today, one I saw


Radio wave case, the operation mode is simple.



Live broadcast room

Name resolution

— Swipe a “sunglasses” gift (instead


It’s about 14


), parse a name

People are going to be Posting names all the time.

I have been analyzing one of my peers for a long time. I started to broadcast live from October 25th and received nearly 3.8w by the end of December.

This is the data of flying melon that I collated, and the income reference of this peer wave.

On a bad day, 180, on a good day, 1200, which is still quite a lot


Do not need to send works, do not need to guide the flow of wechat, broadcast room often hundreds of thousands of people, only receive gifts 1-2w a month.

Maybe some of you think you don’t know how to name people.

In fact, the principle of broadcast analysis is to judge the name according to the three only five boxes, which is simply to calculate the name of the Kangxi dictionary pen

I’m counting, so I can definitely figure out that three is five squares.

It is difficult for beginners to remember the good and bad luck represented by the strokes of the name. First, comb the 81 names of the strokes on a piece of paper and print them out for easy review.

Prepare two mobile phones at the same time, one mobile phone live broadcast, one mobile phone to query the number of strokes in Kangxi dictionary, you can directly and quickly analyze

The name is good or bad.

I myself with a zero fan number test, the peak of the broadcast room more than 20 people, received less than 20



If you stick to about an hour of live streaming every day, you should be able to get by as a sideline.

Of course, you can also guide the private domain traffic, the name change again charge, enlarge the profit.

But up

The name is more troublesome, unless the name is outsourced to share, that can work.

But according to my observation, this peer, but also every time more than ten minutes was cut off, however

The last couple of times a day, so it’s okay.

I think this is a small project close to the money, but the popularity of the broadcast room may be difficult for new people, but the competition in this small field is relatively small, I think the comprehensive difficulty is not high.

It’s just that I’ve been focusing on something lately, and I’m not taking the time to do it.

Bite off more than you can chew. That’s all for sharing. If you’re interested, try it.


The share is brief, but valuable enough for beginners to get started quickly.

This is the sharing mode that I have been advocating for a long time. No classes, no training, no nanny-style sharing of tens of thousands of words, but chatty communication.

Something of real value

The core content is usually a few hundred words.

Quickly understand the core, really interested, and then privately check information, standard peers, imitation of practical operation.

The following are the least I can draw from this brief sharing:

①, name analysis, do not need to send works, it is easier to get started.

Before practical operation, we must observe more peers and seriously

Analyze his patterns and data.

③, the profit model is clear, according to peer data can be inferred, stick to the income should be very considerable.

(4) The project may have two difficulties: one is not familiar with the operation process, even if you can use tools, but still need a skilled process.

Two: improper expression of live broadcast, may touch

There are these core points, basically enough, enough to arouse my interest to practical implementation.

You don’t have to teach me how to register


Number, how to open the live broadcast, what is the sound wave……

Not many words, on behalf of valuable. It’s mostly just a bunch of make-believe crap.

This thing about making money, it’s more about

Open your eyes and learn by doing!

Some people look at my public account in 3 months can earn money, some people pay attention to 2 years still nothing.

I don’t have the money. I have the money.

The ancients learned all the force, young time old began.

Paper from the end sleep shallow, absolutely know this matter to practice.

TikTok does not publish works, does not direct the flow of wechat, relying on name service to make 400 or 500 a day!


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