Three simple brainless drainage method to create a passive monthly income after sleep of more than ten million


Today, I share with you three super simple brainless drainage ideas, a picture a paragraph of text, to create a daily passive drainage, do any Internet project, the most need is traffic, with traffic, coupled with a simple way to cash, can easily achieve lying to earn (income after sleep).



Drainage at the post bar

Do not carry out in the web must go to download Google post bar app, because the information seen in the web page is not complete

Download and open the post and search in the search box

You can choose some shoes and clothes to find a job. Publish advertisements for various needs!

You can also see the hot post bar, Posting in it

There are also many ways to post

Or you need a part-time job in other people’s posts under the comment will have a lot of people to talk to you privately

When people find you, you ask them to add you on wechat

There are not many people playing the post bar but there are a lot of people who are looking for a part-time job and if you post directly and you need a part-time job come to me,

It’s easy to block, and it’s easy to brush off

There is a high probability

So let’s just

Do the reverse

He went to the post bar to find someone is certainly not very good, so when he sees you do good will come to do with you

Yesterday, I turned the person who did the brushing directly into a partner through the post bar

So you do it right, you do it big, they’ll see it, they’re in trouble,

You might be about to get an agent

Others ask you, you can gently answer him: temporarily do not need to need to find him when you can keep people

In addition, after others add your VX, you can wait for a day or half a day to pass!!

Note: There are many different options

It is possible to repeat your post may be deleted by the system may be their own copywriting purpose is too strong as simple as possible!


The most right

The rightmost app is much more relaxed than other platforms, you can directly leave wechat or qq, and there is no need to raise the number, the first day of release, the second day there is traffic influx. You are in

Do which project, send which project income chart induction, a picture a paragraph of text, drainage is all want to make money accurate powder.

Note: Multiple posts make a big difference

For example,

There will be a lot of private chat, and then guide vx, if the circle of friends have direct cash, you can directly lie down


Social networking Sites

Social networking Sites

It is very simple to send a revenue chart, say a few words, you can have a large number of fans to find you, I will show you a few examples:

A picture a paragraph of text, just this kind of mindless operation, can generate a lot of powder.

Don’t think the picture above and the video, just a few

Nice, but whoever’s behind it, it’s gonna blow up.

Here are some of my own experiences (fans of profitable areas, untested in other areas).

1, the blocking word must pay attention to, if the published diary with blocking words, then your diary will not be sent out, or sent to others can not see

No search.

2, it is recommended to operate more than one account, because this kind of diary will be deleted generally not for a long time, each account published about 2 articles a day to stop, like I just started the operation, published a few minutes to delete, now touch some experience and skills, generally each article can retain half an hour or a few hours

Above, do not recommend that each diary can attract more than 10 powder, on the recommendation of less say can lead to 1-2 hundred powder.

3. As for the raising account, the result of my test is that the newly registered account can also be released, but the retention time is short and it is easy to close the account. Therefore, it is suggested to raise the account.

Comment, read the diary and keep it for 2-3 days.

4, add topic, can greatly increase the flow, see the following position: if I lead the powder, generally in: part-time with me, sideline part-time, part-time together, do part-time, and other topics such as diary release, because these topics, with a large number of traffic, a release

It can be seen by a lot of people.

5. Lots of traffic, but mostly

A novice

Many of them do not understand the basic knowledge and need to spend a lot of time explaining…..

6, pay ability is relatively poor, as long as you hear to pay, absolutely delete you.

7, more obedient, hands-on ability is much stronger than the old driver, only

He can do almost anything you ask him to do to earn money with you.

8, strong fission ability, link to the fifth article, as long as you can really let him earn money here, he will help you fission his classmates…..

At the end of the day, the method of liquidation is very important, and I recommend cp for you

s automatic play, no hands, the larger the flow of the higher the revenue, if someone chat privately, and then to recruit the agent model, the method is copied. Building a long pipeline benefits

1: Takeaway cps

Such as diversion to takeout wechat

, wechat circle of friends put on the platform two-dimensional code, often updated materials (Meituan, ele. me

A large red envelope received

I can even make money ordering takeout

), guide everyone to develop the habit of getting red envelopes first takeaway, as long as someone pays attention to, the day will see the benefit.

For example, Arlo and Zu order drinks and snacks 2 or 3 times a day in the office. This kind of cps program has a high re-purchase rate, with both concessions and extra

A commission, why not?

2: Pinduoduo CPS

Such as drainage to Pinjuoduo micro signal

Friends circle put some real pictures of the products and the high commission link of many Jinbao, others will place their own orders to buy, after all, Pinduoduo goods are cheap, few pennies will not care about everyone.

Plus a circle of friends to bring some of the collection

Into the figure and training figure, drainage tutorial figure, there will be a lot of people to consult “how to do?” “How to drainage” “can take me?” This time is accurate users, how to maintain to see the follow-up spend energy

At present, bubble net earn my Pinduoduo cps project, with its own robot billing with Fa friend

Circle of friends, not only goods brush screen, but also with the team revenue chart, play chicken blood, drainage training and so on, really is

Free your hands. Passive income

The point is: I didn’t send any of this manually, it was all edited by a robot.

Put yourself in the other’s shoes. If you’re someone who wants to make money, you wouldn’t want to talk about it privately


Three simple brainless drainage method to create a passive monthly income after sleep of more than ten million


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